Rooms "Franka"

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Island Of Mljet

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Mljet (pronounced [mʎɛ̂t]; Latin: Melita, Italian: Meleda) is the most southerly and easterly of the larger Adriatic islands of the Dalmatia region of Croatia. The National Park includes the western part of the island, Veliko jezero, Malo jezero, Soline Bay and a sea belt 500 m wide from the most prominent cape of Mljet covering an area of 54 km2.[1] The central parts of the park are Veliko jezero with the Isle of St. Mary, Malo jezero and the villages of Govedari (179 inhabitants), Polače (123 inhabitants) and Pomena (50 inhabitants).

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Apartments "Franka"

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Apartments and rooms "Franka" offers accommodation to all guests from around the world. 
We offer double and triple rooms, also a two-room apartments and apartments for all family. 
All our apartments are newly decorated  overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  
Each room and apartment  has a separate entrance and separate terrace. 
Each apartment has  kapaonicu apartment has a small kitchen equipped with refrigerator, stove and all necessary utensils and dishes.  
Parking is provided for guests arriving by car. Visit us and enjoy your holiday by the sea. 
You have plenty of reasons to visit us.


Welcome !


Mljet is situated on the west dalmatian coast. It is the most western island of all bigger croatian islands. It is situated paralely to penisola of Pelješac, between there’s Mljet channel 8 kms long. Eastwestern end of the island is 18 kms away from island of Korčula while the other, westeastern end 30 kms from Dubrovnik
Mljet is an elongated island, with an average width of 3 km, 37 km long. It is an Island of great diversity and contrast, and "Mljet" National Park covers his northwestern part with an area of 5.375 ha of protected land and surrounding sea.



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